Gordon Grove

With a garden-loving client who keenly desired an outdoor haven for and from her tribe of young boys, the landscape design needed to carry out several functions in this semi-detached terrace. The design for the outdoor spaces was carried out in conjunction with the renovation, allowing collaboration between architect and landscape architect. Careful consideration was undertaken of the exterior opportunities. Of note, the side passage has become the main entry to the house, and has been designed so the visual queue to the new visitor access is clear.

The back opens out to an organic-shaped lawn area, with a sandpit to the side, hidden in a grove of trees and accessed by the adventurous boys through a window from the bench seat. A produce garden of vegetables, herbs and miniature fruit trees was located to bathe in northern sun. A dominant feature is the Golden Locust tree, aligned centrally with the living window, which boasts delicate, lacy foliage and elegant form to please the viewer.