Moore Street

A solid and humble home underwent a beautiful transformation under the wand of interior design firm Doherty Design Studio.

The new internal layout creates much stronger ties to the rear garden, particularly with the new covered external deck, which functions as an outdoor dining room. Changes to the kitchen, dining and lounge area meant that it became largely extroverted, with large windows facing the outdoors, so it was very important to create a worthy view and setting.

The area was organised into four spaces; the outdoor dining on the deck, which will eventually present with a backdrop of a lush, green hedge behind the timber bench and with a creeper dripping from the roof structure, the sunken paved area ensconced in an ornamental and edible garden and including an outdoor shower, a utility area concealed from the house by screens and a firewood storage unit, and the passageway to create a strong visual link between the front arrival area to the back garden.

The resulting landscape aims to offer interest, cohesion, a sense of calm, and, most importantly, provide an intimate environment within nature, and to bring nature inside.