The planning process is seen as the most important aspect of any new garden. ADLA takes the time to ensure clients are more than satisfied with the end result by exploring possibilities along the way. Client input is fundamental throughout the design phase, from the practical requirements, assessing garden maintenance capabilities for preferred garden styles, and informing the direction the design takes.

Intrinsic to the creation of any ADLA landscape design are:

  • Site assessment - working with existing features of the property, the local climate and sub-climate
  • Appropriate landscape design style for the architecture of the building (house) - the garden needs to connect aesthetically with the home
  • Careful integration between house and garden - outside comes indoors and vice versa
  • Passive solar and ventilation design aspects through plants and design elements - creating a comfortable home from the outside in
  • Consideration of sustainable solutions - responsible water use, the use of recycled and local materials and the possibility of home-grown produce.

ADLA produces concept sketches, concept plans, detailed construction drawings or simple landscape plans for a variety of sites. Whether you have a tiny courtyard, rooftop garden, a traditional back yard, or require whole-site planning for your urban development or farm, ADLA offers you an inspired, considered approach. With twenty years of experience in the planning, design and construction of landscapes large and small, you can embark on your dream garden project with ADLA confident and excited of an outstanding result.

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