An opportunity to work on a landmark renovation project with an exceptional history, incorporating a landscape which explores the transition from house to garden, blurring the line between built structure and nature. It recognises strong, angular lines of the house gradually transitioning from geometry to a softer, more fluid layout with organic curves in the garden, and finally to apparent randomness of bushland.

Originally the building was designed and built by notable Sydney architect Ernest Milton in 1956, and the garden was designed by renowned landscape designer Edna Walling. The client decided to undertake a renewal of the garden at the same time as the complete renovation, and the new garden was inspired by the era in which it was originally built.

The steep slope allowed play with a statement entry, a spine of granite steps that gently weave down from street level to the entry, visually lined on each side with a clipped hedge and culminating with swathes of tall grasses at the base of the steps. A rich carpet of plants in pockets was laid out on the slope to allow a pattern of textures and tones to be read from the house, as well as provide privacy from the street.

Behind the house, and at one level below the living spaces, a circular space again paved with granite gives the house additional play and entertaining options, with the backdrop of a forest utilising local native trees beyond.