This top-to-toe property renovation was for a client who really appreciates design.

Having previously worked with the architect, Techne on commercial projects, the client asked Techne to turn their attention to the extensive renovation of their own residence. And for added artistic flair, the client engaged Mardi Doherty for a bespoke treatment of the interiors.

Understanding the benefits of engaging a landscape architect early in the house’s renovation design, the homeowners were very clear in their brief for a strong indoor-outdoor connection for the garden to house, with all three designers at work simultaneously on this project. For the landscape, emphasis was placed on the vistas from all the windows and glass doors with thoughtful selection of plants and finishes. The design also focused on making a smooth transition from inside, via the outdoor living area, to a verdant garden space.

The garden provides relief from the busy lives of the occupants and spaces for a growing family to explore and in which to relax.

- Photography: Derek Swalwell